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Fleet & Haulage Insurance

Any company that has a fleet of vehicles being used for work will recognise how much time and money is invested in work-use motor vehicles. But there is also the risk factor carried by companies with a fleet of vehicles.

With road accidents, there is obviously the risk of injury but there are also more implications to a business:

  • Missed deliveries
  • Replacement staff
  • Downtime
  • Repair costs
  • Injury claims

Having the right motor fleet insurance will give your business the cover needed by insuring against damage to the fleet, third party vehicles, property and any individual who may have suffered an injury.

At MacDonald Group we can provide solutions for any size of business, from a few company cars up to hundreds of vehicles of all types including lorries, vans, motorbikes and cars. We can arrange cover for drivers throughout the UK and in Europe and will ensure you have adequate protection.

We also offer professional expert advice on the risk management of your vehicles. This can help to reduce the number of accidents in the future. By reducing the risk you are also reducing the potential cost of claims.

Motor fleet insurance will be different for every business, which is why we like to speak to our clients in detail first. This way we can ensure the insurance we offer you is tailor made and giving you the protection you need.

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